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Thanks for clicking onto my not-so-perfect site. Because I'm not so perfect! I'm a mom to three kids, a wife of 20 years (Gosh, that makes me practically old!) a writer, blogger, editor, sleeper. I know my husband thinks I can be lazy, but I like to call myself a thoughtful procrastinator.

Last year I put my first full-length novel out through Kindle Direct Publishing, and my story to publication is a long one, beginning with landing an agent with the first novel I wrote and then working with another agent for my second novel, and now deciding to put my third novel, What She Left Us out there on my own. (available now on amazon.com!)


You can read an excerpt of What She Left Us here. In the NOVEL section, there is also info on A Little Bit of Everything Lost, my next book which will be out soon.


If you're in the mood for a quick read, I've also got a short story called The Cell Phone Lot available on amazon for 99 cents - Can you find your soul mate while waiting at the airport?

Thanks for stopping by!